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Blends for Gemini and Winter using Benzoin, Lavendar and Lemongrass



Winter is only a few days away down here down under, and so far it's not been too cold, although the country has experienced its first snowfall quickly followed by torrential rains and flooding... welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white (grey) cloud!


As this month is about Coeliac Disease let's start with some oils that help soothe the digestive system.  You can't take them internally, and never should if you want to maintain a healthy microbiome along with your liver and kidney function, however you can use them as a tummy rub for digestive pain and discomfort.  And then there's my favourite, the sniffy stick.


The blends I'm going to add below can be added to a diffuser, sniffy stick, a massage oil or a balm/cream/ointment.

I love Sniffy Sticks as they are easy to carry around in your bag, and your kids can take them to school or carry them in their pocket because they're not glass like a rollon.



EO Formulas
Benzoin Lavender Lemongrass
Benzoin Resin Lavender sprig in a drop of lavender floral water

Lemongrass in the herb garden with Sid our old black cat

Sid our old cat in the lemongrass - he loved eating it!

I created this blend for a client in my first year of clinic after she lost her husband... she still mentions it when I see her.


Blend to help with Grief and Overwhelm
1 drop of Benzoin essential oil
2 drop of Lime essential oil
6 drops of Mandarin essential oil

Add to diffuser or sniffy stick, or blend with jojoba oil and put into a roll-on.  


This is a lovely oil for your body when your're recovering from a virus.  Helps soothe sore tummies too!


Tired Muscles Massage Blend
8 drops Spike Lavender essential oil
4 drops Black Pepper essential oil
2 drops Nutmeg essential oil

Blend and add to 25ml vegetable oil of your choice to create a soothing blend.  If you find your body really likes it, make a larger bottle up by multiplying the quantities.

All-Purpose Household Spray Cleaner
Water-based Cleaner
Add 8 drops essential oil per 500ml water: Shake well and put into a spray bottle. Shake before each use.

White Vinegar/Water Cleaner
Combine equal parts of vinegar and warm filtered water.
Add essential oils of your choice.
Shake vigorously before each use.  

From our Essentialz Home Care Kit

This is a lovely and effective alternative to Vicks that you can add to a beeswax or ointment base


Chest Rub for Children 6+ yrs
2 drops Eucalyptus radiata essential oil
2 drops Manuka essential oil
2 drops Kanuka essential oil
2 drops Benzoin essential oil
3 drops Frankincense essential oil
2 drops Hyssop essential oil
1 drop Thyme Red (Linalool) essential oil

25gm Ointment Base cream

Here's one of my favourite rash blends for adults - it helps soothe eczema and urticaria.


Healing Anti-Rash Cream
5 drops Patchouli essential oil
2 drops Chamomile German essential oil
2 drops Myrrh essential oil
6 drops Lavender True or Mt Blanc essential oil

Blend and add to 50gm balm or ointment base cream, or to 50ml bottle of olive oil.  
Apply as required up to 6 times a day.


Tub & Tile Cleaner
1/2 cup Sugar Soap
1/2 cup Water
a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil.

Mix sugar soap and water in a trigger spray bottle and shake before using.
Spray over the tiles, and leave for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving a residue.

From our Essentialz Home Care Kit



This blend I originally created as a bath bomb... I'm a winter baby, along with the rest of my family and sometimes you need to find that extra bit of energy from somewhere to get you out the door...


Party Wake-Up Call Blend
4 drops Grapefruit essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil
3 drops Distilled Lime essential oil
4 drops Mandarin essential oil
1 drop Benzoin essential oil

Add 1 drop to a diffuser, or add full blend to your sniffy stick or roll on bottle.


Now that it's colder, our feet are spending more time in shoes than they're used to... and fungal infections just love that environment!


Anti-Fungal Foot Wash
10 drops Lavender True essential oil
6 drops Patchouli essential oil
5 drops Myrrh essential oil
15 drops Kanuka essential oil
15 drops Manuka essential oil

Add to a 50ml dropper bottle, add 50ml Apple Cider Vinegar and apply a drop per toe or between your toes each day after your bath or shower.  Wash your socks daily, you can even soak them in a bucket of warm water with this blend - add up to a teasppon (5ml).

Here's a recipe I adapted many years ago for a men's cologne.  It can also be used as a candle scent or in a room diffuser.


Naturally Wild Cologne
3 drops Pine essential oil
1 drop Juniper essential oil
3 drops Clary Sage essential oil
2 drops Grapefruit essential oil
1 drop Lemongrass essential oil
1 drop Sandalwood essential oil

Add to 50ml vodka or perfume base and let infuse for 2 weeks before using / gifting.






If you have any queries with blending, hop on over to @Amor and post them there and I'll answer it as soon as I'm available.


Don't have these at home?  Follow the the links below:


How best to use your sniffy stick

Blend essential oils in blending bottle and add drops to one end of the cotton wick as per recommendations below and seal in tube.

Insert inhaler gently in nostril, and press finger against other nostril to close it.

Inhale gently, then swap sides and repeat.

Use 2-4 times a day.

Stop using if headaches occur!


1 drop Children aged 2-5,
2 drops Children aged 5-8
3 drops Children aged 9-13, Pregnant Women and Elderly
4-7 drops 13+