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The Energies of Taurus and Aromatherapy
The Energies of Taurus and Aromatherapy Taurus the Bull (April 20 – May 20) is an Earth Sign along with Virgo and Capricorn and they are known for their practicality, patience, hard work, loyalty, productivity, reliability, and grounded nature.  They are like the builders of the zodiac,...
Create It Yourself Recipes
Why I love Advent Calendars
I love advent calendars, always have done since I was a child, however chocolate ones don’t work for me with my allergies.   When I was a child, my nana had little boxes and she would put treats into them for me… dried flowers, little bottles, bits of fabric, things I could use for my...
Aromatherapy Essentialz
The Esoteric World According to Tania
  I've always been attracted to the esoteric side of life.... always asking questions of my grandparents.  My maternal grandparents were Masons, and whenever I stayed with them, we would have lunch at the Masonic Lodge once a week when we went into town to do the grocery shopping.  When my...
Packaging Showcase
Pretty Packaging for Lips
    Did you know early lipsticks (1884—1915) were wrapped in silk paper, placed in paper tubes, or sold in small pots until the tube was developed in 1915?     Whether it’s lip balms, lipliners, lipsticks or lipglosses, Amor has you covered!   Most of my lip packaging is ABS plastic, and...
Create It Yourself Recipes
Pantone Fashion Colours ~ Spring/Summer 2021 and Amor Pigments to Match
  According to Pantone “Shades illustrative of nature coupled with new core classics come together to create a palette inspiring ingenuity and inventiveness.” reflect this year’s colour palette. So here’s the line-up for you to create your lipsticks and eyeshadows for this season.  ...