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Heel Detox Kit (Australian) - 3 x 30ml bottles


I've been using the Heel Detox Kit since 2006 when I was first introduced to it.

I use it when I start to feel "out of whack", ie when my immune system is getting run down and my energy levels have dropped and I need a "pick me up".
This kit is easy to use, just add the drops to your water, however if you have a sensitive system like me, start with 2 drops a day of each formula and build it up to 30 drops of each over a couple of weeks... I usually double it every 2nd day.

The first time I used it as per the directions on the bottle, the reaction was too much for me - this is probably because of my gut and liver sensitivities due to having coeliac's disease, however with working up slowly, I find I function well on all levels and notice an improved boost in my energy by around the 5th day.

My last detox was when I came home from Europe last year (September 2016) as I was so run down with having picked up a parasite that my GP thought I had contracted hepatitis.
This time I started on 1 drop a day and I took it for thirty days, however only up to 10 drops of each in my bottle as my body was not very well. It worked and pulled me through, and I'm due for another round with the full dose.

How often do I take it... usually once a year around Autumn to boost my immune system for winter - if life is very busy and stressful, I take less drops and take it for longer. Sometimes I start with Berberis first for 5 days to give my kidneys a gentle cleanse before I hit them with all the toxins from my liver and lymphatic system - I did that last year when I was unwell.

If you're prone to headaches, allergies and flu like symptons, I would recommend starting with 1 drop of each a day, and making sure you are drinking at least 1 litre of water a day... more if you are a caffeine drinker (1:1 caffeine:water)... and taking it for 4-6 weeks as a gentle cleanse of your system.

I've rated it 4 stars as it can be tough on your system if you don't start slowly! Tania :-)
Date Added: 17/04/2017 by Tania C.