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Bioptron Light Therapy - 20 mins


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If you are anything like me, you have probably been experiencing ongoing pain or injuries due to being coeliac combined with years of malnutrition.
Maybe you are looking to widen your options for pain relief other than relying only on pharmaceutical analgesics (which I'm allergic to so definitely have tried a range of natural options),?

If so, then you might want to consider giving Light Therapy a go.


Sounds weird I know, however I was gifted a Bioptron light by a friend after her mother passed away, and it's been sitting in my house doing nothing until I came across an interesting podcast about light therapy and a little lightbulb went off in my head as I've been struggling with a meniscus tear in my knee and torn ligament in my shoulder for over a year now (the joys of having an accident just before going into lockdown and not being seen to for months!).  And after a few sessions I have noticed the difference and have more range of movement in my shoulder, and can stand for longer!


In my clinic the remedies I use for pain are: 

  • supplements (magnesium, MSM),
  • bioregulatory medicine (Heel Traumeel and associated remedies),
  • nutrition (reducing sugar as it triggers inflammation),
  • aromatherapy massage (essential oils increase the benefits of massage)
  • therapeutic massage incorporating acupressure, fascial release and fascial kinetics
  • and even crystal therapies for those who are tuned into them.

and now I can add Light Therapy using my Bioptron light which is a certified medical device.  You can read more about it here if you're a sceptic like me! :-) BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy – Hyperlight Therapy


Whatever the root cause, Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy acts on the source of pain by:

Decreasing the release of inflammatory cytokines
BIOPTRON Hyperlight decreases the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-α, and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as TGF –β and IL-10, in the irradiated region, reducing locally the inflammation of the affected epithelium (Falus et al., 2011, Zhevago, 2006). These cytokines are also implicated in the processes of chronic inflammation and reinforcement of defence mechanisms. With Bioptron Hyperlight, the immune system is reinforced to fight more effectively against external pathogens or inflammatory agents.


The BIOPTRON hyperlight therapy relieves pain effectively by improving blood supply, relieving muscle spasm and reducing pain signs.
BIOPTRON is successfully used for pain-relief in rheumatology, physiotherapy and sports medicine.


The recommended time for a light session for an injury is 6-10 minutes, 3 x week, and this is an adjunct therapy after having a full lifestyle naturopathy consultation


If this interests you, book now for your consultation to help you move forward with your life...


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