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Naturopathy Initial Consultation with Tania - 90 minutes


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Not sure if a natural health practitioner can help you?


During your initial consultation we will go over your medical history, and it does take quite a while.  To save some time for your goal setting, it is helpful if you can complete sections of the form you will be sent priot to your appointment, along with a food diary on the Cronometer app which gives me a macronutrient breakdown to analyse and see what possible nutrient deficiencies you have that are affecting your health and wellbeing.


After our consultation I will summarise what I see is happening, and forward it to you to review.  


If you are already drowning in supplements and don't know what to take when, I will work out a plan for you of what you have and the order to use them up first, combined with still keeping track on Cronometer so we can see if they are actually making a difference.


Because of all the strings to my bow, I provide you with a plan broken down into 4 sections for your total wellbeing, based on my clinical experience and recommendations:


  1. Medical Aromatherapy
  2. Bach Flower Remedies
  3. Nutrition
  4. BioRegulatory Medicine

I may introduce Heel BioRegulatory Medicine into your regime, and these are simple to take - usually a few drops in water 1-3 times a day depending on your condition.


Having spent years going around in circles with my health before I started finding solutions, I understand the frustration of a chronic condition, and how long it takes to see results.  The reality is it took a long time to happen, so it will take several months to work your way back to wellness, and for some it could take a couple of years... again, it depends on your condition and how unwell you are.


If this sounds like something you would like to look in to for your own or your child's health, book now for next week!


I do offer discounts for Pensioners, Students, Community Service Card Holders and Children.  Consultations for Babies are free


Don't live near me... not a problem, I have clients all over the world :-)



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Vivienne B.
5 of 5 Stars
In 2021 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, and Tania helped me go through the process of the gluten challenge for the biopsy without losing my sanity as gluten is crippling for me, and then to rebuild my immune system afterwards working with nutrition mainly and supplements as required. 2 years later, I'm back to my old self prior to my diagnosis and living life and travelling locally and internationally again, whilst staying gluten free and safe from cross-contamination. I repeatedly tell Tania that I could never have done this without her.
Joshua A.
5 of 5 Stars
Before I came to Tania, I was itching all over, and I was experiencing this for the past 15 years and have been in and out of hospitals for several tests with no success. Then I met Tania, very patient person with attention to details and listen to my problem and started me on diet to monitor as straight from the start she said it was an allergy, she put me through what to increase, what to decrease and what to avoid and after months of constant weekly consultations, my severe itching decreased by 80% even when I will itch, it was not as severe as it use to be and embarrassing. She kept on guiding me and for the past two months, I have not itched, even though I am exposed to heat, so I will start my jogging again and keep on seeing Tania. If you are thinking about seeing this lovely human being, I highly recommend her, she is not in this for the money but to make a difference to humanity and her caring nature and attentive to detail and finding solutions to help is second to

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