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Essentialz Essential Oils - Pure

What is an Essential Oil?

A product obtained from a natural raw material of plant origin, by steam distillation, by mechanical processes from the epicarp of citrus fruits, or by dry distillation, after separation of the aqueous phase, by physical processes. The essential oil can undergo physical treatments which do not result in any significant change in its composition (e.g. filtration, decantation, centrifugation). ISO 9235:2013


Pure essential oils are highly valued for their use in aromatherapy as well as their exotic aromas. Our Australian wholesaler Phytoverse comply with all Pharmacopoeia and ISO standard requirements and all of their essential oils are guaranteed to be produced naturally and 100% pure, and meet the requirements to be classified as aromatherapy grade essential oils. their motto is Quality Materials - Scientific Validation - Sustainable - Ethical.


All Essentialz essential oils are sealed and come with dripulators except for the 2ml vials. Unlike most essential oil suppliers, Amor sells by the drop, which is very popular with clients who only want 1-20 drops for their formulations, as well as 5ml and 10ml bottles.  Larger sizes are available on request.


There are hundreds of essential oils avaialable, and I have over 160 in my workroom, however for the website I have limited the range to those most commonly used in books for the layperson which is still an impressive 50 oils. if it's not here, please do ask as I probably do have it and can bottle it for you.


Some things you may not know about essential oils:

Blending Factor - is the recommended number of drops in your formula if you're starting from scratch and not sure how the aroma witll balance out, remembering that at all times you are creating a 2% blend for an adult = 1 drop of essential oil per 2ml of carrier oil.

Evaporation Rate - is how fast your essential oil will evaporate in the atmosphere if you put it in a bowl or diffuser, or accidentally leave the cap off your bottle.