The Art of Bespoke Aromatherapy
gluten, wheat and nut free with no artificial colourings, ingredients,
perfumes, petroleums or preservatives

Flower Therapy

Many hundreds of moons ago, I was introduced to Flower Therapies via Rescue Remedy, which is probably how most people find out about this wonderfully gentle yet powerful energy healing modality


Flower essences are carefully cultivated from the vibrational energies of the living plants, usually from the dew before the sun evaporates it off.

These essences connect with our emotional and spiritual selves and help us to heal and in some case find fortitude within ourselves.


I’ve always found it interesting as most of my clinical work with flower therapies has been with children and animals, who have no preconceived ideas, and the results have been as expected and often better.


As part of my aromatherapy training, we studied the Bach Flower Essences, and during my naturopathic training, I studied the NZ First Light Essences, and in between I learnt all about the Australian Bush Flower Essences. I’m also enchanted by Ian White’s spiritual and chakra essences, although I haven’t done much with them yet. If you have, I would love to hear about your experiences.


When I dispense my flower essences, I prefer to use a spray, as it is easier to count a spray under your tongue than a drop you can’t see coming.

All my blends are dispensed in distilled water ready to go, so there is minimal disturbance to the vibrational energy and I am very careful about making them up when I’m in a happy space so as not to upset the delicate balance for whom I am prescribing...